The Packing Table

In Zoe’s last post she mentioned The Packing Table and I feel like it needs a bit more of an explanation. As you may have noted from Zak’s previous posts he gets very into the details of the planning of our vacations.

The google spreadsheet that he created for this trip was shared with me on November 1st. That’s seven months ago. And most of it was already filled out when he shared it with me.

His own packing list for this trip has been completed for several months and he has already done one “trial pack.”

The hotels that we’re staying at have been researched to death. He can tell you not only the rates of each room, but all the perks like whether or not they have a grill or a pool. (I can tell you that none of them have any reported incidents of bed bugs thanks to and

Because of Zak’s research, I know that we will have the opportunity do laundry at least every 5 days, if not more often.

In the whirl of all this planning, comes the purchasing of a whole heck of a lot of gear that we may or may not need. Zak decided to err on the side of caution and has purchased EVERYTHING that we may need. All this stuff has been accumulating on a shelf of a bookcase, but that shelf finally was too small.

Last weekend Zak set up The Packing Table in the family room, just as he’s done before each of our other big vacations. It’s a 6 foot by 2 foot table that we used for all those years at Farmers’ Markets. It’s quite ugly, and I’m not sure he wiped off all the spider webs from the garage, but am too scared to check.  He says it’s to add to the anticipation and excitement. I kind of think it is just a lot of clutter that makes me anxious and stressed.


So that’s why Zoe wrote about The Packing Table. It’s a staple in our home decor for these next 8 days.

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