Pre-Drive Interview

Are you excited about the drive?!?!?!

Zak: The driving itself? No, although there will be some pretty parts.  The trip as a whole?  Absolutely!

Molly: I actually kind of am. I don’t mind driving and am looking forward to some good reading while I am the passenger.

Zoe: Kind of because there is going to be a lot of driving.

Ellie: No way! I hate driving. I’m tired from today even. (We just ran an errand to Costco.)

Windows up or down?

Zak: Generally up, unless we’re off the interstate.

Molly: Down, but it gets too windy for everyone else if we are on the interstate. However, windows down means it is too loud to hear any whining.

Zoe: Up, because of the noise.

Ellie: Down! I’m always sweating in the car.

What’s your ideal car climate?

Zak: 72, calm and quiet

Molly: Warm. I am very worried about being too cold in the car.

Zoe: I like the temperature so you don’t feel hot or cold. About 70-75.

Ellie: I hate the temperature in the car. It is too sweaty. That’s why I roll the window down.

What is your favorite road trip music?

Zak: Dan Fogelberg’s “High Country Snows” is the ultimate road trip album. Also, Snoop Dogg and Ludacris.

Molly: Today’s Top 40 with a mix of 80s pop

Zoe: Anything that isn’t super loud and nothing that dad likes because he likes baaad songs.

Ellie: Katy Perry

What is the grossest part of any gas station bathroom?

Zak: The potential for naked truckers.

Molly: Eww. All of it. But especially unknown scents.

Zoe: The toilets of course!

Ellie: Duh, the whole bathroom.

What is your favorite gas station snack?

Zak: Cheetos and Mountain Dew

Molly: I like to drink coffee while driving, but I HATE gas station coffee. I will be looking for the gas stations with a Dunkin’ Donuts attached or a Starbucks nearby.

Zoe: Chex Mix

Ellie: Puppy Chow Chex Mix

Can you sleep in the car? What makes it easiest for you to sleep in the car?

Zak: Yes, being really tired or a little car sick.

Molly: Yes. A pillow.

Zoe: I cannot sleep in the car.

Ellie: Of course I can. Nice, relaxing music. (We just added a Enya CD to the Amazon cart.)

What is the most annoying car habit of each of the other people in the family?

Zak: Molly – being crabby, Ellie – being stinky, Zoe – being hungry

Molly: Zak- continuously turning the air up/heat down right after I’ve adjusted it, Zoe- constantly asking for snacks, Ellie- trying to communicate with the drivers of other cars, it’s more embarrassing than annoying. And it makes me nervous to think about what lengths she’ll go to get acknowledgement from others.

Zoe: Ellie- Annoying me on purpose. Dad- Always putting the snacks under my feet. Mom- Nothing.

Ellie: Zoe- She’s always talking to me. Mom- She never answers my questions. Dad- He snores when he sleeps.

What is your most annoying car habit?

Zak: whistling

Molly: none

Zoe: nothing

Ellie: I don’t have an annoying car habit.

Guess how many:

license plates of the 50 states we’ll find.

Zak: 50 plus 8 Canadian provinces, 5 Mexican states, and 2 other foreign countries.

Molly: 48

Zoe: 45 from the United States. Including Canada, 48.

Ellie: 62

speeding tickets we’ll get.

Zak: I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, so I don’t see any reason I’d get one now.  So, it better be zero!

Molly: If I take after my mom, I’ll get pulled over in Wyoming (or was it Montana?) for going slightly too fast on an empty interstate, but get out of a ticket.

Zoe: 0

Ellie: 0

gallons of gas we’ll go through.

Zak: 272

Molly: 350

Zoe: 500

Ellie: 1062

miles we’ll drive.

Zak: 6800


Zoe: 5000

Ellie: 260

Are you even more excited about the drive now?!?!?

Zak: The drive itself? No, now I’m thinking about stinky feet.  The trip as a whole? Let’s go!

Molly: I think spending all this time together in a small, cramped space will be one of the best parts of this adventure.

Zoe: No. Was this supposed to make me more excited?

Ellie: No. Not at all.

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