Day 25

As a preface, once again, there are no words to describe the beauty of what today entailed. It was our last big hike of the trip. And we climbed another mountain. This time, though, it was easy. So incredibly easy. I don’t know if it was that conditioning we’ve endured throughout the last month or […]

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Mt. Washburn

Today, sadly, was our last big hike of the trip. Our consolation is knowing that we still have a few days to go, but the majority of them will be spent driving home. To go out with a bang we decided to hike Mt. Washburn, our second summit of the trip. The hike was suggested […]

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Today we hiked up another mountain and it wus so cool and pretty cinepard to the order mountain It was easy. It rained agen and I made it stop by singing sun come rain GO.we saw a fox big horned sheep and moneĀ  gote.It wus are last hike.

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Another mountain

Today we climbed another mountain. It was a lot of fun. It was 7 miles and about 4 hours. It was very pretty. We saw mountain goats, big horn sheep and a fox with a fish in its mouth. When we started heading back down we turned around and saw a bunch of mountain goat […]

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Day 24

Today was our first full day at Yellowstone. We had done Old Faithful and area yesterday and were planning on hitting all the popular touristy things today. A few things preventing that from happening. First, we were way too ambitious and had no concept of how large the park is. We ended up cutting out […]

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Yellowstone Day 1

It turned out that our plan for today was far too ambitious. We had thought that we’d be able to spend one day here doing the touristy things. Activities like driving around the park, pulling off the road to do a quick little walk to an attraction, seeing animals, visiting the ranger stations. However, this […]

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Day 23

Wow! Another fun-filled, exciting day! Started out early. Again. I don’t think we’ve not set an alarm except for two or three days this whole trip! We had a couple hour drive to Grand Tetons. We arrived, had a nice chat with a ranger and decided on the Jenny Lake hike and ferry ride. We […]

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