Yellowstone Day 1

It turned out that our plan for today was far too ambitious. We had thought that we’d be able to spend one day here doing the touristy things. Activities like driving around the park, pulling off the road to do a quick little walk to an attraction, seeing animals, visiting the ranger stations. However, this park is HUGE compared to the other parks we’ve been at. Even Rocky Mountain which seems immense is no match for Yellowstone.

After we began making our way around the figure eight, beginning from West Yellowstone, we made the decision to focus only on the southern part of the park. I think we hit a lot of the highlights. Everywhere we went there were lots and lots of people. Parking was crazy and the people were even crazier. It’s amazing how many people happily ignore the “restoration area – do not enter”, “no swimming”, and “you will die if you walk here” signs.

In the stupid people’s defense there were lots of bison in the death zones who were clearly not dying. They were, however, bison, so perhaps death for them comes more slowly.

We did see a lot of amazing attractions. There were tons of hydrothermal features, the grand canyon of the Yellowstone (I’m not sure what its claim to fame was other than that it happened to be in Yellowstone), lakes, forests, and much more. It really seemed like the day flew by with all the sights.

After a pizza dinner served by a crabby waitress we’re all getting ready for our last big hike of the trip. Tomorrow we’ll tackle Mt. Washburn and then we begin the long drive home. I’m pushing to just continue on to the east, but there seems to be some resistance to that.

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