Not the Adventure We Planned

I thought climbing a mountain would be the biggest hiking accomplishment of this trip. Today I was proven wrong, but I hope that I’m correct to say that our biggest accomplishment was staying alive while hiking Arches NP. I don’t think we can handle an experience any more intense than this one. We wanted to […]

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Day 6

Today was epic. Absolutely the most memorable, terrifying, family-bonding, complete stranger-bonding day. We left Montrose early and arrived at Arches National Park by 9:30. We were strongly discouraged to do the hike we planned because of the age of the girls by a ranger at the Visitor’s Station. When we mentioned that we climbed a […]

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Flash Flood and Cool Showers

Today we went to Arches National Park. We only got two of the 7.2 miles finished. The reason for that is there was a Flash Flood. At first it just drizzled. Then it started to rain harder. We went under a tree and put on ponchos. I decided to do it in the rain because […]

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Flash flood

Today we went to Utah .It started to drizzle and It got harder and harder than it started  to thunder and lightning. We hid ander a tree  . We  studies to hike in the thunder and lightning.soon we came to a flash flood som other people helped us get to the other  side and I […]

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Ellie: Future OSHA inspector

Ad we talked about yesterday, we went on a tour of the home the Berrys  are building. There aren’t yet walls, just the studs to let show us where each room will be. As we were being shown where each room will be, Ellie surprised us all with a safety check of anything she found […]

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Today we were in Montrose. We arrived last night and had very good mack and cheese. We stayed at the Berry’s. They have the world’s quietest dog. Her name in is Annie. We went to a chocolate shop. And  got three pounds of chocolate. The Berry’s are building a new house and we got to […]

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Black Canyon

Today we went to black canyon. It  was fun . we saw a lot of party stuff like be beautiful mountains and a party river. We want with the Barrys.I hope the rest of the road trip is fun to. And I am still waiting fort my small malt and I mean small. It was […]

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