We were at the cottage for the last three days. It was a lot of fun. When we first arrived Ellie and I right away wanted to do our row boats. So my mom and dad assembled them. They were EXTREMELY hard to row. That night we went to a Fourth of July party a […]

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My favorite kindle apps

Today we just drove so most of what I did was play on my kindle. I am going to name five of my favorite games. The first game is cookie jam. I like it because the game is in a french bakery. My second favorite is Yeti Slide. I like it because it is a […]

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Day 30

We did it! We made it across the country and back to our home! Thirty days. So many laughs. Some tears. Memories that will last forever. We woke up this last morning at the cottage, finished our last minute packing, closed up the cottage, and drove Aunt Amy to Eau Claire. We realized, that although […]

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Day 29

The Fourth of July! Yay! What a perfect, all American celebration. We woke up early to the pitter patter of mice zipping around the cottage. Eww! But, Zoe caught sight of the exit path which will make securing it a bit easier. And she freaked out so much less than I would of. We had […]

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Day 28

I feel like we made it home. At least home away from home. We left Minneapolis at 9ish and quickly made three mandatory Wisconsin stops. 1. Fireworks. Craziness. It was like it was the day before the Fourth at a firework store right across the border of a state where they are illegal. I also […]

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Day 27

We woke up at 4 amΒ  and drove. We drove across the whole state of North Dakota. And then we drove across the whole state of Minnesota. We did stop in Fargo. Zak was born in Fargo and hadn’t been back since he was nine months old. We swung by the hospital and the apartment […]

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Day 26

It was a pretty dull day that included one amazing little adventure. Four hours into our drive we arrived at Pompey’s Pillar National MonumentΒ in the middle of Montana. Pretty much the middle of nowhere, just fields and mountains surrounding us. Most of the drive was along the Yellowstone River, nearly the exact same route William […]

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Drive to Glendive

We’re officially on the way home. One of the downsides to booking hotels in advance is there’s less flexibility in where we end on any given day. We had initially planned on spending more time in Yellowstone this morning, but decided that we’d had enough of the stupid people and didn’t have time for a […]

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