Day 29

The Fourth of July! Yay! What a perfect, all American celebration. We woke up early to the pitter patter of mice zipping around the cottage. Eww! But, Zoe caught sight of the exit path which will make securing it a bit easier. And she freaked out so much less than I would of. We had a breakfast of coffee and fresh baked goods on the deck as we watched a family of loons teach the baby how to dive. Too adorable.

Aunt Amy had spent the night at the cottage too, so the Aunt Mindy and Uncle Mark were up before the sun had warmed up much. I’m not sure if it is lake life or Fourth of July celebration, but the first beers and cheese curds were enjoyed by 11. Once Josh, Zak’s cousin, joined us we piled onto the pontoon and got ready for the highly anticipated pontoon around the big part of Potato Lake. After toasting with a bottle of champagne we were soon part of the actual parade. It was awesome. We “jammed” to the traditional Fourth of July mixed cd  created by Crazy Uncle Mark. By traditional, it is listened to every year AND the music is traditional patriotic songs. Played at full volume. With dancing. Zoe was thoroughly embarrassed, like a towel over her head as if the others on the like wouldn’t notice her with us.

DSCF3122 (Large)

DSCF3120 (Large)

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The parade of 20ish pontoons quickly broke up at the first bar and we anchored in the middle of the lake so the girls, Zak, and Josh could swim. From there we saw bald eagles flying overhead. With the help of Crazy Uncle Mark the girls drove us back to the cottage where we enjoyed bocce, grilled hamburgers, brats, and strawberry shortcake. Zak spent the first hour after dark setting fireworks of for us from the dock. It was a perfect day, celebration, and last full day of the trip.

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