Day 30

We did it! We made it across the country and back to our home! Thirty days. So many laughs. Some tears. Memories that will last forever.

We woke up this last morning at the cottage, finished our last minute packing, closed up the cottage, and drove Aunt Amy to Eau Claire. We realized, that although it would be tight, it wouldn’t be impossible to take one extra person on next year’s trip. They would just have to sit with all their luggage on their lap the whole trip.

After a quick stop at another former LaGrange area favorite, Caribou Coffee, we started the final leg of the trip. Traffic was rough, I’m not sure if all of Chicagoland was returning from a 30 day trip or just the holiday weekend, but we hit a lot of traffic. We made it though.

We reminisced about the trip. Talking through each of the past 30 days. The highs. Literally, the top of mountains high. The laughs. Our bond, that only strengthened. The tears. The food. Oh my, all the tasty food and drinks. The posh hotels. And the one with velour camouflage bedspreads. Every single mile. We talked about the whole trip. All of it.



We finally pulled up to the front of the house. It looked great, so thankful to the Lenzi kids for taking such good care of it. The fish are still living and all the plants look great. And we even noted that we weren’t attached to any living thing in the house, pet or plant. We emptied the car, emptied a few essentials, took showers and graciously accepted an invite to our neighbors to catch up. I’m not sure if Michelle reads the blog, but it was the perfect way to end the day, so thank you for having us over!!

So that’s the end. We did it. There are still a lot of little stories we want to document, so there will still be a few more posts coming about the trip.

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  1. Does Michelle read the blog?!?!?

    I loved reading about all your adventures! You guys are such a great family. Thanks for sharing!

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