Day 27

We woke up at 4 am  and drove. We drove across the whole state of North Dakota. And then we drove across the whole state of Minnesota. We did stop in Fargo. Zak was born in Fargo and hadn’t been back since he was nine months old. We swung by the hospital and the apartment he was brought home to for photos. We have a great hotel room in Minneapolis, another Kimpton. We checked in and spent the evening at the spectacular bar playing travel Apples to Apples, sharing appetizers, and over-indulging in tasty beverages.

We spend the last two days at the cottage. Although we will be closer to home that at any other point during the last month, we will have very limited internet. These next two days are the ones the girls have been most excited about. Family, fireworks, boating, being home away from home, and of course the Chetek Bakery.

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