We were at the cottage for the last three days. It was a lot of fun. When we first arrived Ellie and I right away wanted to do our row boats. So my mom and dad assembled them. They were EXTREMELY hard to row. That night we went to a Fourth of July party a couple lakes down. They had 2 kid kayaks so Ellie and I got to use them. When it got dark my dad lit sparklers for Ellie and I to play with. Then my dad came out on the dock to show me and Ellie bottle rockets. Around 9:00 there was a firework show on the lake. It was fun. The next day we celebrated the Fourth of July. Me and Ellie’s rowboats got turned in to kayaks so they are easier to paddle. Me and Ellie went fishing Ellie caught 1 fish and I caught 2 fish. Then we rode on the pontune over to big potato lake for the boat parade. The boat parade was embarrassing. On the pontune the music was on as loud as it could be. Once we found a spot we ankered  down the pontune and me dad Josh and Ellie got out to swim then we rode our way back to the cottage. Then we hung out. After that we we played bachi. It was me and Josh against mom and Ellie. The score was 7-3 and we won. Then we had brots and burgers for dinner. When it got dark enough my dad put up a firework show. It was nervracking to me. That night I saw a mouse. I had a great vacation now it is all over and we are home.

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