Drive to Glendive

We’re officially on the way home. One of the downsides to booking hotels in advance is there’s less flexibility in where we end on any given day. We had initially planned on spending more time in Yellowstone this morning, but decided that we’d had enough of the stupid people and didn’t have time for a major hike. So, we decided the best plan was to just begin the drive home. Our drive today was only about 7 hours which meant that we had time to stop at Pompey’s Pillar.

Pompey’s Pillar was actually a really cool, although quick stop. During the Lewis and Clarke expedition Clarke signed his name on a gigantic rock here. This signature is the only physical evidence of the expedition that remains. We were able to see the signature as well as the view from the top.

After our stop, and a bit more drive, we arrived the Glendive, MT. It would have been nice to get a couple more hours in on the road to cut down on the 9 hours we’ll have to travel tomorrow, but it did mean that the girls had time to swim and that we had time for a dinner at the number one restaurant in Glendive.

Hopefully we can be excused for driving right past it the first time since the only sign we saw read “liquor store restaurant”. We also noticed the casino signs on our first pass, but it took us until our second pass to see the sign we were looking for “Mexico Lindo”. In all fairness the food, and pitcher of margaritas were excellent.

We also all shared our mixed emotions about the end of the trip and what we’d like to do in the future. It’s been an amazing experience.

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