Drive to Glendive

We’re officially on the way home. One of the downsides to booking hotels in advance is there’s less flexibility in where we end on any given day. We had initially planned on spending more time in Yellowstone this morning, but decided that we’d had enough of the stupid people and didn’t have time for a […]

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Mt. Washburn

Today, sadly, was our last big hike of the trip. Our consolation is knowing that we still have a few days to go, but the majority of them will be spent driving home. To go out with a bang we decided to hike Mt. Washburn, our second summit of the trip. The hike was suggested […]

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Yellowstone Day 1

It turned out that our plan for today was far too ambitious. We had thought that we’d be able to spend one day here doing the touristy things. Activities like driving around the park, pulling off the road to do a quick little walk to an attraction, seeing animals, visiting the ranger stations. However, this […]

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Grand Tetons and Old Faithful

We’ve entered the part of the trip that I never really got around to researching all that much. With so many possibilities in so many different places I got a bit overwhelmed with the scale of Yellowstone. I kind of lump Grand Teton NP in with Yellowstone since they are so close together, and were […]

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Our hike in Yosemite was one of the first and most anticipated of the entire trip. The plan was to take a bus from Yosemite Lodge to Glacier Point, about an hour long ride, and then to hike back down to the valley from there. After our experience coming out of King’s Canyon NP everyone […]

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Pinnacles and San Francisco

As the alarm sounded at 6 am this morning the first thought in my head was “time to start the laundry”. Some laundry hog had monopolized the machine for several hours last night and we wanted to get one more load in before we headed to San Francisco where we knew that we wouldn’t have […]

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Father’s Day at Sequoia NP

It’s interesting how different Molly and my mother’s/father’s days are from each other. She has a very set routine for hers: Prasino in the morning, the Garfield Park Conservatory, and finally Margie’s Candies before relaxing at home in the afternoon. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t ever done the same thing on father’s day twice, […]

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Hollywood and Visalia

It appears our urban time the past few days has gotten Z&E a bit out of hiking mode! We woke up this morning, enjoyed our coffee and granola breakfast and made our way through Hollywood to the Hollyridge Trail – the path to the famed Hollywood sign. It appears that people who live in the […]

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Santa Barbara to LA

Our original plan for today had been to get on the road early to spend the day at Manhattan Beach. This was one of the places we visited on our previous road trip five years ago that Molly and I were excited to get back to. However, after our wonderful afternoon at the Goodland none […]

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Day 14

Wow! Already day 14. That’s crazy to me. It seems like we just left, but at the same time, that we’ve lived a whole life. Today was good. I decided at the beginning that I wasn’t going to sugar-coat these days. I am the first to admit my tend to get crabby at home. On […]

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