Pinnacles and San Francisco

As the alarm sounded at 6 am this morning the first thought in my head was “time to start the laundry”. Some laundry hog had monopolized the machine for several hours last night and we wanted to get one more load in before we headed to San Francisco where we knew that we wouldn’t have laundry access for a few days. We had another (free) buffet breakfast, got the room packed up, and picked our laundry up from the drier all before 7:30 am. The drive to Pinnacles NP was pretty uneventful. No crazy roads, no issues with Bob.

Pinnacles was definitely the type of park we are looking for. After checking in at the visitor center we drove on the the Balconies Cave trail head (East Side) where there was only one other car parked. The hike turned out to be shorter than we had anticipated, 6 miles and flat. The far end of the out-and-back trail was through a slot canyon that has been filled in from above with giant boulders forming a cave. The hike was hot and relatively unpretty compared to others that we had done. The caves were so cool to hike through though that it made the rest of the trip worth it.

From there we continued on to San Francisco. We partook in wine hour and got some dinner recommendations before heading out for the evening. After stopping by Union Square for some pictures we headed to Chinatown where we happened to run into the US Mayors conference. The mayors happened to be heading to a restaurant with a huge amount of fanfare. There were dragons, music, lots of security, and mayor after mayor.

Finally, we made our way to Hogwash for some great beer and sausage. The girls were the only people under about 30 in the place and they were awesome. Now we’re back at the hotel tucked in and trying to write blog updates and figure out plans for tomorrow.

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