Toot Catcher

Many of the hikes we’ve been on require us to walk in single file line. The order has been pretty established for quite a while now. A girl leads. If they are getting along at the moment (they usually are unless one needs to use the bathroom), the other girl will be in the second position. Zak, as master trail navigator is usually next. That leaves me in the back. Although, I’m never the first to see what’s around the curve or over the hill, I really don’t mind the position. I enjoy watching the girls lead and explore. I also enjoy watching Zak’s cute rear. I’m fine with going at their pace and not feeling the pressure to set the pace.

However, there is a downfall for being last. I am the toot catcher. Every time anyone in front of me passes a bit of gas it inevitably heads back to my nostrils. Every single time. I try not to complain, but geez, you’d think this family had only eaten beans and cabbage for two weeks.

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