Day 23

Wow! Another fun-filled, exciting day! Started out early. Again. I don’t think we’ve not set an alarm except for two or three days this whole trip! We had a couple hour drive to Grand Tetons. We arrived, had a nice chat with a ranger and decided on the Jenny Lake hike and ferry ride. We […]

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Grand Tetons and Old Faithful

We’ve entered the part of the trip that I never really got around to researching all that much. With so many possibilities in so many different places I got a bit overwhelmed with the scale of Yellowstone. I kind of lump Grand Teton NP in with Yellowstone since they are so close together, and were […]

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Two parks one day

Today we did  so much. First we drive a few hours to  grand Tetons .we got  to ride a fare.  after that we drive even more . It was so pretty. Then we we went to yellow ston .It wus cool and smalle.  Tar were glirs we got to see one erupt.

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Two in One

Today we went to two National parks. We went to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. At Grand Tetons we got to ride a fairy. We did a three and a half mile hike. We saw a hidden waterfall. We took a fairy to the entrance. Then we drove 2 hours to Yellowstone. We saw old faithful […]

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Our hike in Yosemite was one of the first and most anticipated of the entire trip. The plan was to take a bus from Yosemite Lodge to Glacier Point, about an hour long ride, and then to hike back down to the valley from there. After our experience coming out of King’s Canyon NP everyone […]

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