Day 14

Wow! Already day 14. That’s crazy to me. It seems like we just left, but at the same time, that we’ve lived a whole life.

Today was good. I decided at the beginning that I wasn’t going to sugar-coat these days. I am the first to admit my tend to get crabby at home. On a very regular basis. I will also admit that I haven’t been too crabby this trip. Zak noted this morning that it is the lack of stress that just allows me to relax. Anyway, today was good. Not great. Not perfect. But not bad. Not stressful. Not hectic. It was a good day.

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We woke up in our chic room and grabbed coffee, homemade granola, and sunscreen and spent three or so hours at the pool. The girls have started to blossom into amazing swimmers this trip and are just fish in the water. They were content for these hours and didn’t believe us when we said it the three hours of swimming were up.

You’ll see from Zoe and Ellie’s posts that we let them each take 12 photos of the grounds at The Goodland while their sunscreen set.

After packing up, we made a quick, but totally worthwhile stop at our first (but not last) In-N-Out of the trip. So good. So, so, so good.




Then we found a nice beach to spend a bit of time. We made it to the ocean! This may be the first time in my life I’ve been to two oceans in just a few months. (Reminder of the Osmond Brother Fan Appreciation Cruise.) We didn’t spend a lot of time there, but the girls built sand creations and dipped their toes in the chilly water.

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After a quick drive to Beverly Hills (through Brentwood…turns out OJ’s house was demolished in 1998) we arrived at our second Kimpton Hotel of the trip. Again, it is very nice, not as quaint as The Goodland, but quite enjoyable. Especially the treats in our room for being elite members. (Ha! I’ve never been an elite member of anything!)

DSCF2611 (Large)

Although, we’ve certainly enjoyed the hours and hours of swimming and sunbathing, I think we are all ready to start hiking again. My legs are itching to move. I am ready for quietness and peacefulness and for the smell of trees. We are starting small tomorrow. With an epic hike, a very easy hike, but a bucket list one. You’ll have to check back in tomorrow to see what I’m talking about it.

Now that I’ve actually put the day into words, it was a better-than-good day. No complaints. However, we did decide that next year we need to change our pacing a bit, more hiking days, less urban days, maybe a big hike every 3 out of 4 days. We’ll see.

Contrast between Ellie’s arm and mine. She uses 50 spf, I use 30. And this is one of the tannest I’ve ever been.

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