Flash Flood and Cool Showers

Today we went to Arches National Park. We only got two of the 7.2 miles finished. The reason for that is there was a Flash Flood. At first it just drizzled. Then it started to rain harder. We went under a tree and put on ponchos. I decided to do it in the rain because your not supposed to go off the trail. We walked then it started to hail. Again we went under a tree and waited. There was a group of college students walking by. We walked until we got to a river that was five times faster than a cheetah. If you didn’t know a cheetah goes 25 mph. A lot of brave guys stood in the river to pass people across. When we got to the trail head we got a picture with all of the survivors. When we got back to the hotel we of course took showers. When I got in the shower colorful lights were changing and flashing different colors.

One thought on “Flash Flood and Cool Showers

  1. Those guys were brave, and so were you! The bravest one is the one who feels the most fear but moves forward anyway. You did good, kid.

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