Flash Flood and Cool Showers

Today we went to Arches National Park. We only got two of the 7.2 miles finished. The reason for that is there was a Flash Flood. At first it just drizzled. Then it started to rain harder. We went under a tree and put on ponchos. I decided to do it in the rain because your not supposed to go off the trail. We walked then it started to hail. Again we went under a tree and waited. There was a group of college students walking by. We walked until we got to a river that was five times faster than a cheetah. If you didn’t know a cheetah goes 25 mph. A lot of brave guys stood in the river to pass people across. When we got to the trail head we got a picture with all of the survivors. When we got back to the hotel we of course took showers. When I got in the shower colorful lights were changing and flashing different colors.

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