Day 24

Today was our first full day at Yellowstone. We had done Old Faithful and area yesterday and were planning on hitting all the popular touristy things today. A few things preventing that from happening. First, we were way too ambitious and had no concept of how large the park is. We ended up cutting out half of our planned coverage. Second, this is a very, very crowded park. There were people and cars everywhere, making traffic heavy and parking near impossible at some of the stops.

Regardless, we saw some amazing sights. I think my favorite part of the day (maybe even trip?) was when Zoe commented that she didn’t know how amazing her country was. That! That, right there, is the reason for this trip. I am the first to admit that I live in a bubble. I live and work in the same community, there are days when I don’t even leave Brookfield. I have always lived in the Chicago area, with the exception of four years in college. My world is small, but, thanks to the travels my parents took us on as a kid, I’ve always been grateful for what the country is. I am so thankful that Zoe got that today. I hope she remembers, like I have since I was a bit older than her, that the landscape does change. Not everywhere is a flat, boring, and dull as our bubble.

Anyway, Yellowstone is packed full of beauty. We saw every color of the rainbow in the land. We saw bison, herds of bison, and a few lonely ones that got stuck behind. We saw elk. And we saw people. A lot of really, really stupid people who don’t know how to read the signs telling people what not to do. Uggh!

Here is an overload of pictures. I honestly don’t remember the specifics of where many were taken in the park. We just saw a lot of amazing sights! And we did a damn good job framing pictures without other tourists.

DSCF2944 (Large)

DSCF2946 (Large)

DSCF2945 (Large)

DSCF2950 (Large)

DSCF2949 (Large)

DSCF2952 (Large)

DSCF2951 (Large)

DSCF2955 (Large)

DSCF2956 (Large)


DSCF2968 (Large)

DSCF2971 (Large)

DSCF2969 (Large)

DSCF2972 (Large)

DSCF2974 (Large)

DSCF2975 (Large)

DSCF2979 (Large)

DSCF2982 (Large)

DSCF2989 (Large)

DSCF2985 (Large)


Until tomorrow…

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