Target Trip I

We made the trip to Target tonight. The big trip. The one where we got everything that we haven’t been able to get on amazon. Everything. We worked for days on the list. The items ranged from flip flops and tank tops to sunscreen and hand sanitizer. We were in the store for an hour and a half. This is the first time I have ever been in Target for over an hour and NOT come home with a cute throw pillow.

We worked our way through just about each aisle. Zak vetoed items like instant chia oatmeal. I vetoed things like superpuff marshmallows. The girls didn’t veto a thing, only asked over and over if we needed things like cake-batter oreos (vetoed!) and family size cheez-its (allowed!) All in all, we all are happy with the amount of pop-tarts, nutty bars, cosmic brownies, and oatmeal cream pies we ended up with. (More than I have EVER bought in my life.) The girls were on a sugar high just looking at the goodies.

There was some debate over what sunscreen would best match our needs, what size water containers to get, and what is the most effective (AND allowed for children) motion sickness aid.

It was fun. We all behaved. We laughed a lot. We didn’t argue. It gave me hope that if we can survive a trip like this to Target, we might be able to get through the trip happily.

However, I do wonder how many more trips to Target we’ll take in the next 11 days.



(We also bought enough milk and eggs to get us until we leave.)


Right before this picture Zoe actually muttered “Mom, this is so embarrassing.” Ha! She has NO idea what is about to come this summer!



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