Day 3

We are all laying in bed now, watching the Blackhawks, sipping those beverages we brought along, all absolutely exhausted. At least I am. As sore as my legs and back are, it is my mind that is just done for the day. We hiked a mountain today. A real mountain! All the way to the top. The tippy top! The whole day was exhilerating.

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We started down the wrong path and shot up about 500-600 feet in just a bit of distance. Then we found evidence of a homeish adobe and decided the “path” just ended. We had made a mistake. Doh! The girls were incredible sports about it. Just turned around and went back down the 500 feet we had just hiked straight up. I told them that if this had happened to me at their age, I probably would of stomped off incredibly grumpy and wouldn’t have talked to my parents for at least a day.

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Once we found the trail, I immediately noticed the difference between this hike and the one we did yesterday. The trail was random logs that pointed in the right direction. The footprints of others were out biggest guide. I questioned if we were going the right way a number of times. I guess we were, at least enough in the right way because we ended up at the top of a mountain.

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We saw maybe two dozen other people all day. Zoe and Ellie were the only kids. Most of the other hikers were more experienced that we were and they all praised the girls on their efforts and hard work. I think hikers may be the one of the kindest groups of people I have ever met. Everyone is kind, helpful, considerate. Every other hiker is just there to get as far as they can and connect with nature. It cracks me up that I may be considered part of that group by the end of this trip. Maybe even now, since we climbed a mountain today.

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There were frustrating moments. It was hard. Damn hard. There were many challenging sections. The snowy parts were horrible. The mountain is experiencing 2-3 inches of snow melt each day now, but is still several feet deep at many parts. That made for wet snow that would suck our feet down toward the earth. Going up was tedious. We had to carefully place each foot, deciding in the moment what would be the safest option. Going down was scary! Ellie was right in front of me at one point and we both slid down on our rears on a 20 foot snow bank.




Above the tree line was scary too. It was just so high up there and so far down. The rocks weren’t necessarily sturdy and the girls were getting tired. I was almost always at the back of the four of us and we had the girl with the lowest stamina lead. This way that one set the pace for the rest of us. Given my position, I almost always had the girl who was quickly losing the umph in front of me. It was hard for me to get and keep momentum. But we did it. We all made it to the top a mountain.

top of a mountain





I wish there were words, or at least I knew of the words to describe the feeling when we reached the top. I cried. I was filled with pride of my family, my girls. They had done it. Together we had done it. We celebrated with oatmeal cream pies.

ice cream
Well deserved ice cream back in Estes Park.

For those of you reading only for a review of the GoGirl, here you are. Best purchase ever. Highly recommend them for any and all purposes. And I got to write my name in snow with pee. And yes, it is as awesome as Zak has always made it out to be.

3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. You should be so proud! What a family! I cried while reading when you got to the top also! I know this is a lot of exclamation points, but Molly, a mountain! And you wrote your name in pee! Go girl!

  2. Wow – the Knotts are my new heroes! Love, love, love reading all of your posts! The Knott family adventures may have awakened my writing muse!

  3. What a great accomplishment, only 3 days into the trip! Proud of all of you, especially those girls of yours. Although, Molly, a big congratulatory hug to you too. You can do this! And will do it again! Love the photo from the summit.

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