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Today at Santa Barbara I got to take 12 photos.

DSCF2574 (Large)
This is a picture of an orange and yellow flowers that grow at the Goodland Kimpton hotel in Santa Barbara.
DSCF2573 (Large)
We found all these pink flowers just growing there.
DSCF2558 (Large)
These are pretty flowers that grow off a tree.

DSCF2571 (Large)

DSCF2570 (Large)
orange flowers
DSCF2569 (Large)
I did not realize the picture of dogs.
DSCF2568 (Large)
Little green pretty leaves.
DSCF2567 (Large)
Little green leaves that look like roses.
DSCF2566 (Large)
Looking at palm trees over head.
DSCF2565 (Large)
Tall rows of flowers.
DSCF2564 (Large)
Little pretty purple flowers.
DSCF2562 (Large)
Something that looks like green straws.




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