Just hours

We started the official countdown for this trip at some point in November. I remember Zak adding “Road Trip” to his countdown app, which also included Christmas break, Osmond Brother Fan Appreciation Cruise, and the National Restaurant Association show. Somehow the days slowly dwindled from the 170s to where we are now. Hours. Each morning since the Osmond Brother Fan Appreciation cruise the girls continue the countdown on a dry erase board on the fridge. This morning we erased the word “days” and wrote the word “hours.”


The Osmond Brother Fan Appreciation cruise was a blast, so much fun, but this is the trip that will be epic. My hope is that the memories truly do last us all a lifetime. Now we finish the little bit of packing that’s left, trim the girls’ fingernails one last time at home, say good bye to the fish, and wait the handful of hours until departure.

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