Day 20

Another fun day is in the books. We sadly left San Francisco this morning, and are already anxious to return. Our destination of the day was the city of Alameda to visit a friend of mine, Lyndsey. Our moms were part of a moms’ group when we were just babies, and although we haven’t see each other in years (decades?!), we stay in touch via facebook. I am really honored, not only to know her, but also that she fit us in her schedule this week!

Lyndsey is a high school teacher in San Francisco, and you may have heard of her. If not here are a few links from this week:

I know that as a teacher I just want to make the biggest difference possible for my students. Here’s a teacher who, not only is doing that, but also making a difference in education and social history. So proud to know her!

She introduced us to her adorable sons and took us to a winery on the old naval base. Great wine, fabulous food, but the best company. I don’t know if the girls had more fun playing with other kids or if Zak and I  had more fun talking to another adult!

DSCF2844 (Large)

DSCF2841 (Large)

DSCF2848 (Large)

DSCF2840 (Large)

DSCF2842 (Large)

One of the highlights of the morning for Zak was being so close set where Mythbusters films all the crashes, explosions, etc.

DSCF2846 (Large)

After saying good-bye, we made the quick drive to Oakdale, about 2 hours outside of Yosemite. The girls swam a bit and we enjoyed our last In-N-Out burger of the trip. We wake up at 5 tomorrow and will begin another crazy adventure.

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