Day 12

I was a bit crabby yesterday when I wrote my post. Looking back on it, the post doesn’t even come off nearly as crabby as I was. Today was much better. Zak told me that I just needed to find MY Vegas. I guess I came as close to that as possible today. High-end, private Vegas.

We decided to skip the crazy, big, loud pools of MGM today. Turns out that the girls got a bit bored with the lazy river yesterday, but didn’t say anything to us. Rather, we stayed at the much smaller pool at the Signature. It was so much more subdued. Like Adele as background music. The pool and deck chairs were mostly empty throughout the day, and I think we all enjoyed it a lot more than yesterday. The girls had the pool nearly to themselves and created this for you all:

We left the pool by 3 and just came back to the room and rested. It was a really low-key day. Zak just joined a poker tournament in the casino and the girls and I are hoping that the pool party below us doesn’t get too rowdy. There was a note in our room today that there will be an party at Wet Republic, the fancy pool where the recommended attire is “high end swimwear.” The note said the party is tonight/tomorrow 10:30 pm-4:00 am and that we are welcome to use the provided ear plugs. (Not actually provided.) God help us tonight.

I feel like I need to address what Zoe mentioned in her purse about the exposed woman. It was quite bizarre. The four of us were sitting at a table and I leaned to Zak and asked him if I was seeing that right. He said that he thought so, but he’d need more time to determine it for sure. Zoe then leaned to me and whispered that I was seeing it right and that girl was wearing her bikini top below her nipples. Zoe just shook her head in disgust.

Ellie’s words to me when I kissed her goodnight were: Mama, I love you so much. Thanks for a perfect day. It was relaxing. My body needed that.

Love these fish!


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