Starved Rock Training Hike

This was, by far, or most successful training hike by far.  There was as close to zero whining as I think is possible when traveling with a seven, nine, and twenty-two(ish) year old. I had a strong feeling when we began hiking that the mental challenges would exceed the physical ones. Fortunately we’ve been able to find the combination of sightseeing, food, and physical contact* that will allow us to travel the 8+ miles we’ll be doing near daily this summer.

Stupid moment: We arrived at the port a potty to a dad and his two sons waiting outside it with the handle showing red. After about five minutes of waiting we finally sat down and comment to each other about the extended time their mom appeared to be taking. Several minutes later they walked away, we tried the handle and realized it had been unoccupied all along.

Quote: Zak to Molly upon reaching Lovers Leap “should we jump?”, Zoe to Zak “are we lovers?”

*E has a strong need to hold Molly’s hand that is rivaled only by Molly’s need to not have her hand held.


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