Reader Question – Energy

How do you have energy to do everything you do without getting exhausted? We do get exhausted! Some days we collapse into our hotel with little will to do anything at all. Even taking a shower seems like a chore. Running a load of laundry or repacking gear seem like insurmountable challenges. Some days we […]

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Reader Question – Hike Selection

How do you know ahead of time which hikes you will enjoy? Particularly whether the hike is the right difficulty, too crowded, or boring. If folks have different comfort levels I remember sometimes you split up such as when some like caves and some don’t. Is that something you do often? Do you prepare tons […]

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SBXX: Mojave National Preserve

Our final stop of Spring Break XX will be Mojave National Preserve. The entire park is considered a part of the Mojave desert. Even so, it is home to a variety of climatic zones and a wide range of flora and fauna. The entire park is designated wilderness area which means that it is nearly […]

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Navigation School

We’re all well aware that navigation isn’t one of our strong points. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple months studying maps and trails. I have sought out GPS waypoints and tracks from all corners of the internet to see where people before us have gone. However, I know from our experiences […]

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As we prepare for our second adventure through the national parks of the west I’ve been sprucing up this blog for us to record and share our travels. As I was cleaning up some old posts I came across a draft post that Molly started, but never published. It’s a nice by-the-numbers summary of Road […]

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