Automatic Fish Feeder, an item I didn’t know we needed

We are at the point in the preparation phase that UPS makes at least three Amazon deliveries per week. And, unlike the rest of the year, I place about none of the orders. It seems like every day there is a small pile of boxes with huge smiling faces to greet us when we come home. Then the four of us gather around the boxes and make guesses as to what the contents could possibly be.  The girls and I legitimately have no idea and Zak can never remember from all the recent orders he has placed.

As we reveal contents, Ellie immediately takes off with the box to add to her ever-growing cardboard clubhouse. We have a deal with her that she can keep the clubhouse only until we set up the packing table on May 22nd. That whole deal took a lot of negotiations that would even make Trump proud.

The current state of Ellie's clubhouse. It has two floors, a bookshelf with actual books, door knobs, and possibly a working ceiling fan.

So, earlier this week we went through this whole after work ritual and were presented with this:


Because this [amazon text=fish feeder&asin=B005U87CZI] is a necessity for the trip, said Zak. We all secretly rolled our eyes at him, but, you know what? It makes sense. We have two five-and-a-half year old goldfish and now our house sitter won’t have pressure to keep the fish alive. And, despite their longevity, we really aren’t all that attached to them, so if this stops working on day 6, oh well.


See, these are the things Zak spends his time thinking about and executing to make sure we are prepared 100%.

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