41 Days

As of today, we will be gone the same number of days as days it is until we leave. Thoughts on that? Zak: I’m torn as to whether I want them to go by slowly or quickly! I guess I want the next 41 days to go fast and the 41 after that to go […]

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Friday Night Shopping

This occurred as Mumford and Sons and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats blasted from the record player and we sipped Stone’s Delightfully Dank Enjoy by 4.20 and cherry 7-Up. Zak: So we need to talk about some big summer purchases. Molly: Really, now? We always fight when we talk about money. Zak: No, this […]

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Graue Mill

We started spring training all over again today, on the opening day of baseball. We were supposed to be past well past the 3 mile training hikes, completing those when the baseball teams were all away at their spring trainings. Instead, as baseball teams were throwing the opening pitch of their seasons we were taking […]

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Knee Update

The last 4 plus weeks have brought me to a lot of different doctors, potential diagnoses, and (maybe, now) some answers. About 4 weeks ago we (meaning this ridiculously large team of knee experts, and me) all thought I had a torn meniscus. My physician sent me to PT, it wasn’t doing much and I […]

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