Graue Mill

We started spring training all over again today, on the opening day of baseball. We were supposed to be past well past the 3 mile training hikes, completing those when the baseball teams were all away at their spring trainings. Instead, as baseball teams were throwing the opening pitch of their seasons we were taking a leisurely stroll around Graue Mill. Now, the rest of the family could easily pass me, leaving me in the dust, but they are willing to start this training all over again for me and my knee.

The cortisone shot has not yet started working, although the pain has somewhat less of a sting today. It is a beautiful spring day in Chicago, reaching 70 and breezy. (Yesterday included wild wind storms with blizzard-like snow intermixed with spontaneous sunny periods. Strangest weather day ever, and a good day to do a lot of knee resting.) Anyway, Zak started the day off by cleaning out the garage, turns out that the new car is too big, and after lunch we hit the flat trails at Graue Mill.

The hike was nice. Lots and lots and lots of signs of spring. Daffodils blooming, buds on trees, robins frolicking in puddles of yesterday’s snow. My knee held up just fine, really only getting painful at the 2.5 mile mark. I’m hopeful the cortisone will kick in sooner than later and then I’ll be able to join the family for next weekend’s trip to Iowa and hiking along the Mississippi.








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