Friday Night Shopping

This occurred as Mumford and Sons and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats blasted from the record player and we sipped Stone’s Delightfully Dank Enjoy by 4.20 and cherry 7-Up.

Zak: So we need to talk about some big summer purchases.

Molly: Really, now? We always fight when we talk about money.

Zak: No, this is fun stuff. All the fun stuff we get to buy for the summer. OK, we’ll start most important to least important. Bear spray.

Ellie: Hold on, I have to poop.

Zak: Really, a poop break already? We just started. I’ve researched the [amazon text=bear spray&asin=B000PCX4WY] Bear Aware, LLC uses. I figured they have a liability so they probably picked a good one. I went with the middle size.

Ellie: Still pooping!

Zak: I think we need the middle size because it lasts longer.

Molly: How many years?

Zak: No, like 10 seconds.

Cookie and flushing break

Zak: It’s $41.07. The question is, do we want one or two?

Ellie: Three

Zak: Three would be overkill. One probably is actually enough.

Zoe: I’ll get a calculator to add this all up.

Zak: We’re going to need zero, but we’ll definitely get one. But do we want one extra as a luxury.

Ellie: So…you are saying we need zero, but you also think it is the most important item???

Zoe: So, how many??? Two will be $82.14.

Molly: I say two.

Zak: I think that’s the right choice.

Ellie: You guys are crazy. We need zero.

Molly: I have to pee.

Zak: Seriously?

Zak: OK, what the hell is going on with my amazon cart. I have cheetos, taco shells, and a curling iron in my cart. Item number two. Headlamps.

Zoe: One per person.

Zak: [amazon text=The one&asin=B00081GATG] that we have happens to be the highest rated, most economically friendly one there is. We could get 3 more of that one because they are $11 a piece or 2 more of that one and one that is $35 and is much larger, brighter, and better. Don’t think we don’t really need it. We’ll obviously all carry one for a precaution, but we’ll use them at camp when we are getting ready early in the morning. Thoughts?

Zoe: How dark is the cave we are doing?

Zak: Not at all.

Molly: Three more of the cheap ones.

Zak: Sounds like a good spot to save money.

Zoe: We’re now at $116.13.

Zak: OK, next item. Camping pillows.

Cookie break

Zak: Camp pillows. These are for sleeping while camping.

Molly: I want comfort.

Ellie: Me too.

Zak: Are you good with the ones we talked about? It seemed like a damn good price. They are $16.98. [amazon text=Therm-a-rest Compressible Pillow, small&asin=B00FAATZ38].

Zoe: Four, right? We are at $184.05.

Molly: Zak, what’s next?

Zak: Oh, we’re not done with this yet. There are color options. The first one is indigo dot.

Zoe: Oh my god, I want that one!

Zak: You haven’t see the other options. This is poppy.

The three girls in unison: Indigo dot!

Zak: Well, I want poppy, so one of those. Next. We get to more luxury items.

Beer break. We went with Revolution’s 1Z Enuff.

Zak: More luxury items. OK. Let me give you the product name. The [amazon text=BAFX Products 34T5 Blutooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Divices&asin=B005NLQAHS]. This is a device that if anything is wrong with your car, it will tell you what is wrong. We had this last year, but I forgot to pack it and it has stopped working. Here’s my thinking. I don’t think we need to buy it, but I’m going to keep it on my wishlist, because if something happens and your check engine light comes on, we are staying at enough Kimptons, so we can always buy it and just have it shipped to the next Kimpton.

Molly: Let’s wait and not buy it now.

Zak: We’ll buy it eventually, but we probably don’t need it with the new car.

Zoe: We are still at $184.05.

Zak: The next possible item. I think this is definitely something we need this time. Not sure if Amazon is the best spot to get it. We should look when we go to Mariano’s this weekend. Are you ready??? [amazon text=Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin&asin=B007W9MGLI].

Molly: What is this?

Zak explains it is for the first aid kit.

Zak: On Amazon it is an add-on item for $5.39, but we’ll look at Mariano’s this weekend.

Molly: Or Target.

Zak: Next item is not required, but will be nice to have. It is the [amazon text=Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : Louder Volume 10W+, More Bass, Water Resistant, Perfect Speaker for Golf, Beach, Shower & Home (Black)&asin=B010OYASRG]

Zoe: We need it.

Zak: Lifehacker did a survey and this one won. It is $27.99. The price has dropped 6% since I’ve added it to the list. It will be nice to have.

All: It’s a buy! Dance party!

Zak: Next item. We don’t need this one. It’s a [amazon text=dashcam&asin=B00MIO2KRC].

Molly: Very cool. I want it.

Zak: It’s $64. We aren’t going to get it. Maybe someday.

Molly: Who gave you the power to veto?

Zak: Electoral system.

Ellie: This is boring.

Zak: Next one, also, not a buy. 1989 by [amazon text=Ryan Adams, vinyl&asin=B015YRMZ2Y].

Molly: Wait. Are we taking the record player?

Zak: No. I just want the album. Next. [amazon text=Rubberneckers&asin=0811822176]. Everyone’s favorite travel game.

Zoe: What is it?

Zak read the description.

Molly: Sounds fun. Add it. How much?

Zak: $11.69.

Zoe: $223.73

Ellie: That’s a lot of money.

Zak: One more.[amazon text= Cocktails for Drinkers: Not-Even-Remotely-Artisanal, Three-Ingredient-Or-Less, Cocktails That Get to the Point&asin=1581573545].

Ellie: How much?

Zak: $11.64

Zoe: We shouldn’t get it, because we don’t want cocktails in the car and then police get us.

Zak: Order placed and that wraps this up. Nice work everyone. Wait!!! Free one day shipping!!!! Yay!!!!!!

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