Reader Question – Energy

How do you have energy to do everything you do without getting exhausted?

We do get exhausted! Some days we collapse into our hotel with little will to do anything at all. Even taking a shower seems like a chore. Running a load of laundry or repacking gear seem like insurmountable challenges. Some days we just give in to those impulses, order a pizza, and go to bed. Other days, especially when we know that it’s the only opportunity to get road trip chores completed, we have to power through.

As I’m planning the daily itinerary I do try to plan regular rest days. Occasionally this may mean a day lounging by the pool, but more often it means shorter hikes in more touristy parts of a park. It could also mean a day exploring a city like Portland or Seattle. The smaller National Monuments are rich with history that we try to take in while relaxing sore muscles and tired eyes.

Donuts and beer are among our favorite ways to relax and recover.

I think the key has been learning how much we can handle without getting on each other’s nerves. That’s knowledge that can really only be gained by months of experience. Having a strong understanding of everyone’s abilities and limits helps to keep everyone reasonably comfortable. I pay close attention to how much we’ll be hiking and/or driving each day and do my best to keep both of those things within the limits of everyone’s energy and sanity.