Greetings. I hope this hope finds you happy and healthy. I have soom very big news. If you follow my mom on Facebook you might have heard it already and if you have not heard it yet here we go. It all started back in October when the coronaviras started to get worse in humans. I for one was not affect by any of this and kind of just brushed off then December and January rolled around and it was like October for me no big news. Then came February. This is when the numbers started to come in and it was more clear to everyone what a big problem it is becoming. Teachers had us constantly wiping down our desks and lockers while the lunch supervisors had us wash our hands before we ate. What seemed to be a little bug was becoming something so much more. Then March hit and on the 11th I had a Scout meeting and on the way home my mom was telling me how we had to stop at Trader Joe’s and get some food for just in case. When I got home we talked about some things like spring break. Now if you did not know we have a trip planned to go to California. We were going to go to Las Vegas and three new national parks I think. Unfortunately seeing at it was spreading so bad it looked like California was going to have to wait another year. So today during school my dad canceled the round trip tickets we had booked but it is okay because we are still going to have fun . I even planned a game day. The other thing we had to take into consideration was school where the most germs were. My mom is a teacher so I was able to find out a while ago that we already had a plan in case we were kicked out of the school because of the coronavirus. The plan is called e-learning so we’ll just learn on our computers. Today we got the official called that school is going to be cancelled. They also said that we would have to go to school on Monday. I think that they do this because they want us to get stuff from our lockers. My family came to the agreement that the kids should stay home on Monday in case of germs so it looks like this is the start to my three or four week spring break. I hope that everyone reading this is heathy and able to stay that way but if not get better soon.❤️

3 thoughts on “Coronaviras

  1. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for your insight on your school projections and how you will work through this Coronavirus situation.
    I am imterested on your take as well, as Zoe’s on how this e-learning works. Like I told Zoe, it is all new to me.
    Would you mind sharing your experience with it and wether you liked it, or didn’t.

    I pray for your family at this trying time. Please stay healthy and I hope we can speak soon after you have some time to experience this.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Joanie Kenning ( the old crossimg guard when I was at Ogden & Raymond )

  2. I enjoy your family blog and especially your travels! I hope that you all stay healthy and continue to share your thoughts about what is happening in your community. This time is an adjustment for all of us. My husband, Steve, our two Standard Poodles Beau and Skye and I live in the contryside of NE Iowa. We always keep a stock of supplies on hand because we live so far out, so we are in good shape. We send you our love and best wishes for a happy, healthy, Spring break.

    Your Grandma Margie and I went through Jr High and High School together. We were the TALL girls! I love you spirit and your posts Ellie ~ you too, are a national treasure in the making!

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