Normally during the summer I write a post everyday but, unfortunately covid happened and we had to cancel our annual road trip 😭. So there really has been nothing for me to to post about. So here is a update about what the I have been up to. The first thing I have been doing […]

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Why I Should Get a Cat

So, Ellie wrote a VERY persuasive essay about why she should get a hoverboard. I don’t want a hoverboard because I would fall off and break all of my bones. Also, if this persuasive essay is less persuasive it’s DEFINITELY NOT because I’m worse of a writer. It’s because I’m writing this in the middle […]

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Have you ever ride a hoverboard? If so, I bet you know that with the right experience and safety precautions they are a blast. Some of the reasons that hoverboards should be allowed inside are that they are a lot of fun, safe, and more practical inside. Also inside they can be ride in any […]

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First Day E-Learning

Today was our first day of doing online school and it was a lot easier than I expected. Also, it only took 4 hours. Last night before I went to bed I made a whole schedule about what class it was and how long everything would take and the order that I would do all […]

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Spring Break and Coronavirus

Well, today we got the news that school is canceled until at least the 7th. We all saw this coming it was just a matter of when. Throughout the past few days, my teachers have had us take home everything in case we have to stay home. Today it was a really weird vibe in […]

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Greetings. I hope this hope finds you happy and healthy. I have soom very big news. If you follow my mom on Facebook you might have heard it already and if you have not heard it yet here we go. It all started back in October when the coronaviras started to get worse in humans. […]

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The day I went to turkey run

Today I was supposed to get up at 6 but, being myself I slept into 7. Well it was only 6:59. We got dressed and grabbed some breakfast for the road and we hit the road for the three hour drive to Turkey run state park. It was so amazing but, all of the miserable […]

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The day we took a mini road trip

So it is our thanksgiving break and we divided to take a mini road trip. We got up grabbed our blue duffle bags and started the hour drive to our first hiking place starved Rock. I entertained myself by useing Shazam so I could sing along to our road trip favorites. We started our hike […]

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The day we finished

Today we finished not just the accomplishments or the new places, the food and the national parks, the hikes and the camping. Now it is back to school and I will be a 6th grader at Congress Park Elementary. Although I love to learn, sometimes, actually everyday, I wish I could live my life exploring […]

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