The day we took a mini road trip

So it is our thanksgiving break and we divided to take a mini road trip. We got up grabbed our blue duffle bags and started the hour drive to our first hiking place starved Rock. I entertained myself by useing Shazam so I could sing along to our road trip favorites. We started our hike at Illinois canyon it was a out and back and less then two miles easy for us. Right? Wrong it had six river crossings three each way. We got to the first one and my dad started walking across I was about to take a step in when I remembered my shoes were not water proof. So my mom helped my find a different route. She was demonstrating how to do it when splash she was down. I told her I was not taking that route. I heard my dad running over and he must have been nervous because running and my dad do not get along. Next time you see him ask about his first cross country race. Any way my mom was fine and out of the water so fast. All of this was happening well I was dieing of laphter. My mom started to finish crossing the river and what do you now she thought I want to be more cold and wet so got in again. The next two river crossings were a bit easyer . And during all this I only got one boot wet. We next did a longer hike going into a ton of different canyons we stopped for lunch and had cheese and crackers. We finished are hike and walked through a ton of mud. We went to a bar and I had a kitty cocktail. We also played Monopoly deal well people watching. We got showered up and went to dinner I had a bacon burger extra bacon and now I am sitting in bed writing this.

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