The day I went to turkey run

Today I was supposed to get up at 6 but, being myself I slept into 7. Well it was only 6:59. We got dressed and grabbed some breakfast for the road and we hit the road for the three hour drive to Turkey run state park. It was so amazing but, all of the miserable parts and that was almost every part. For starters it was pouring and cold so my legs were literally frozen. Next was the gloves. I was wearing a brand new pair of gloves and they got completely soaked so I had to take them off and I think my fingers are still frozen witch did not help climbing down the ladders and if you know me at all you know I hate all ladders. Oh, and how could I forget falling spake dab on a log and numbing my leg from it. So over all if you understand it was not easy what so ever. At the end of the hike we got in the car starving to death yet decided to wait till dinner to eat. We had a three hour drive home but thankfully I but a dry pair of cloths in the backseat so I was not wet driving home. When we did get home we unpacked and chilled for dinner we got pizza but it was 30 minutes late because the deliver guy dropped it so hey had to go make a new one for us. Over all best day of my life.

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