Normally during the summer I write a post everyday but, unfortunately covid happened and we had to cancel our annual road trip 😭. So there really has been nothing for me to to post about. So here is a update about what the I have been up to. The first thing I have been doing is learning about is how to do makeup! Follow my Instagram @untanglingEllie to see what I have done. I have had so much fun trying out new things. I also have been working on riding hoverboard and just a few days ago I learned how to play music from it 😂. We have also been having so much fun in we yard we have been doing vollyball tournaments. Who know my dad was so good at vollyball? We have also been doing cornhole and giant Jenga. Another way we have been staying entertained is by is by doing Jackbox we have gotten a bunch of different games and play at 4:45 each day it is so much fun. So, over all, in the Knott house things haven’t been so bad and I hope the same is for you.

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