Have you ever ride a hoverboard? If so, I bet you know that with the right experience and safety precautions they are a blast. Some of the reasons that hoverboards should be allowed inside are that they are a lot of fun, safe, and more practical inside. Also inside they can be ride in any condition and they are 100% safe.

To start with, hoverboards are 100% safe inside homes. This is proved to us by Leeman, Jason. “Are HoverBoards Safe In 2020? Don’t buy without reading this first.” Published by Best Electric Rides, best electric rides, 31 Dec. 2019. The article about hoverboard safety said “New hoverboards that are UL 2272 certified ARE fire safe – as safe as any other product you might have in your home that uses a lithium battery e.g. your laptop or smartphone.” The article than went on the explain how they are no longer a fire hazard. This proves that any other day to day object that we use such as a smartphone or laptops are similar. We use them without even thinking so why should we treat a hoverboard any different if it has just as low of a chance of being harmful. To continue the hoverboard that is being referred to is approved and brand new.

Another reason that hoverboards should be allowed inside is that outside sidewalks can be cracked and chipped. I found a article on how to fix a sidewalk and it looks quite hard. Also it seems it would cost more than the hoverboard itself. Now imagine if you just spent a hundred dollars getting a hoverboard than do you really want to spend more fixing a sidewalk. Plus once you get past your house it will be bumpy again and that could be dangerous if you are not careful. You could trip and fall. Going along with this, it might not always be nice out. Imagine if it was raining the whole week you got it than you would not be able to take it out for a spin. This is one of the main reasons you should be allowed to ride a hoverboard inside.

With all of this in consideration and remembering that if someone were to ride inside theh would follow everything on the safety manual, how do you feel about riding hoverboards inside?

Hi everyone you might be thinking this post is a little random, but I really need your help. Ever since school was shut down I have been board (every pun intended) out my mind. So I went ahead and bought a hoverboard with a bit of help on the money portion. Then finally, after what seemed like a million years, it arrived and I was so excited. I hopped on and started going when my dad said that it was not allowed in the house. His main reason was that it was going to burn the house down, but as you read that can not be a concern of his now. So I have one massive favor. Please, please, please comment telling him it is fine to ride hoverboards inside and like I said I have read through the safety manual at least ten times and would not even think about going near the stairs. Thank and I hope everyone is happy and healthy! ❤️Ellie

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  1. Ellie, this is probably the best piece of writing you’ve ever produced. Very well done! Also, no. You still can’t ride it inside.

  2. Ellie, you comparison of the hoverboard to a smartphone or a computer is very compelling! Question–do you have room inside your house to ride a hoverboard? If so, then I say yes! However, you should know that if it was my house, I would likely say no–my family knocks stuff over on a daily basis just by walking and we have a dog that would FREAK OUT.

  3. Ellie, I love that you spent the time to research this and wrote it so well! My concern would be any clutter in the home or risk of breaking lamps or other collectibles. Regarding Dads fire concerns; are there often candles and other things of flame happening in the home that would pose this risk? If not I feel like you could be good to go until the weather warms up!

  4. Great writing, Ellie — I agree with Zak. Some areas of Arches National Park are managed as Wilderness. I’m fact, 95% of the park is proposed as such. One of the prohibitions of this is the use of mechanized transport, including everything from bicycles to helicopters. This is a stipulation that is solely in place enrich the wilderness experience for other people. Is a home like a wilderness area? Does it provide solitude or for others does it provide solitude for reading, working, relaxing, and reflection? How will the hover board impact that solitude for others? All questions to consider. Another thing to consider is, what are the impacts to landscape? From what I understand, there are newly installed flooring surfaces in your home. Surely you and house managers will agree on a good alternative after considering, what a home is. Is it a sanctuary or is it a playground.

    Thanks letting me leave the comment.

    Learn more about the Wilderness Act of 1964: https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1981/upload/WAct_508.pdf

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