Why I Should Get a Cat

So, Ellie wrote a VERY persuasive essay about why she should get a hoverboard. I don’t want a hoverboard because I would fall off and break all of my bones. Also, if this persuasive essay is less persuasive it’s DEFINITELY NOT because I’m worse of a writer. It’s because I’m writing this in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and we had to leave school 3 days before we started our persuasive/argument unit in humanities.

Anyway, the point of this is I want a cat. Preferably a Ragdoll cat or Russian blue cat but any cat would be fine. I will include some cute pictures to show how cute they are.

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 9.25.54 AMYour first thought is probably I don’t want you to be a creepy cat lady but Taylor Swift, Katy Perry (whose cat unfortunately just died), and Kate McKinnon are ALL cat ladies and think how successful they all are and not super creepy either. 

Anyway, here are some reasons I should get a cat. 

To start, cats are great for companionship. In these times where we can’t see our friends or our friends’ cats, it would be very relaxing to have a cute fluffy bundle of joy laying in your lap. My cat I could do everything together. We could get snacks and watch Netflix together. It would be like a best friend only we could quarantine together. My cat and I would bond and become better friends than you could ever imagine.

Also, it would be a great project and you said I need a “passion project”. I would bathe it. Teach it tricks, and other general life skills. There was a study at a cat cafe in Japan that cats respond to their name so I could teach it different tricks and then we could enter it in a cat pageant in Australia (I think that’s the only one but if there is a closer one we will definitely check it out). Also, it would help with responsibility. I would have to potty train it and groom it.

In addition, having a cat as a pet actually can lower your risk of death. There is a correlation between cat owners and risk of heart attack and stroke and you wouldn’t want me to die just because I didn’t have a cat. Cats can reduce stress levels and right now because life is really stressful that could definitely be used. Cats are very funny animals. Even watching cat videos make you laugh. And it is also proven that laughter can make you live longer.

Finally, you said that you wanted to name me Olive and if the cat was a girl we could name her that and for a boy Oliver or Ollie. You could just say Olive or Ollie and a cute little fur-ball would run into your arms.




You can ask any questions you may have.

3 thoughts on “Why I Should Get a Cat

  1. Great thoughts on why you should get a cat, Zoe. I agree, you should get one. You have shown that you are very responsible around Lucca and she loves you. Any cat would be lucky to have you. You’re correct, Lucca is a great companion and very cuddly; she definitely makes life less stressful. So many reasons for you to get a cat. I hope your essay works!

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