First Day E-Learning

Today was our first day of doing online school and it was a lot easier than I expected. Also, it only took 4 hours.

Last night before I went to bed I made a whole schedule about what class it was and how long everything would take and the order that I would do all of my classes. I ended up not using that schedule at all.

I started with Algebra. This was my favorite class to do because it was the most structured and there was a to-do list. Also, we learned about mean, median, and mode which I already knew. Basically, we had to take pre-tests then watch some videos do a lot of practice and take a post-test which isn’t actually graded. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to upload the picture of my work from my phone to my school computer but I got it.

Next, I did the reading, my humanities teacher posted everything on classroom last night so I finished pretty quickly. We just had to answer some questions about To Kill a Mockingbird which was relatively easy. This and Macbeth are the only 2 books I have liked this year that I have to read.

I started writing this a lot later now so I forgot what order I did things in so here is it not in order, sorry:

For French, we have to research a French speakng place, so I did Geneva, Switzerland. I had to learn about the food which is basically just cheese on anything so that was pretty easy.

The boringest “class” was Social Studies because we basically just had to analyze a picture and all of the questions were somewhat the same so that was VERY boring. I did this picture about the civil war and it was just a lot of dead people on the ground.  I have science tomorrow and that will definitely be more boring so it looks like science and social studies I should do first to get them over with.




This is the picture I used: very depressingScreenshot 2020-03-18 at 3.30.10 PM

I also had to do art which took 1 minute at the maximum because we just had to sign into a website that we are using tomorrow.

Finally, for gym we did a workout video and a reflection. We also had to read an article which I think is stupid because we don’t read articles in gym class so that was also tedious.

Overall E-learning was boring. I think that the material we learn in school is more interesting. The good part though was I could go at my own pace and I was still able to talk to my friends and stuff.

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  1. I read your whole story. I thought it was fascinating. I am sorry that it was boring to you. You see since I have never heard or experienced this I am amazed that we have come this far. I am glad that you do have this opportunity though in these trying times.
    Best wishes for you in your school work.

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