As we prepare for our second adventure through the national parks of the west I’ve been sprucing up this blog for us to record and share our travels. As I was cleaning up some old posts I came across a draft post that Molly started, but never published. It’s a nice by-the-numbers summary of Road Trip I that you should go read before continuing this post: Numbers.
There are some things we hope to repeat from RT1 in greater detail. One of my biggest personal disappointments was not being able to hike down among the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon (we’ve got a great hike lined up this time around!). Of course there are some things we’d rather not repeat as well (sadly Molly will never again set foot in the experience known as Casa Bonita). Here now are my projections for our 2015 stats.

RTI (2010) RTII (2015) - anticipated
15 days 30 days
12 states 14 states
5000 miles driven 6500 miles driven
8 national parks 12-15 national parks
<5 miles hiked >100 miles hiked
10 pools 9 pools, 1 river, 1 lake
0 rain we can only hope to be this lucky

Over the next month I’m planning to post more on our preparations. There’s already been a lot of time and energy that’s gone into making sure everything goes off as smoothly as possible!

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