President’s Day Weekend

I’ve been working on updating the website for the past couple weeks. One thing that stood out to me was how little any of us write when we’re not out west. We started this project, and mostly continue it, for us to record or own memories. Both girls, but particularly Zoe, regularly go back and […]

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SBXVIII, with Guac

Last year we agreed that spring breaks would could as “vacation” and not “trips”. We also agreed that vacations didn’t require daily or even sporadic blog posts so I’ll keep this as brief as possible. We left Chicago right after school last Friday and drove an uneventful four hours to Seymore, Indiana. I think we […]

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Ellie’s First Concert

Ellie had her first ever band concert last night and she was super excited for it. Since she’s a percussionist she really stood out as they were performing both since she stood about a foot taller than everyone else and was playing the high notes on the glockenspiel! Since their songs were all quite short […]

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IKEA Couch

We’ve written several times on this blog about our excursions to IKEA, but I think the experience we had putting together our new couch this past weekend is worth yet another. As I’m sure we’ve written about, we only actually shop at IKEA when they have an “eat free” weekend. I’m sure they didn’t intend […]

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NRA Show 2016

Although we’re now only 15 days from #RTXVI we still have a ton of fun things planned here in Chicago over the next couple weeks. Fortunatly I feel like we’re at the point in the preparation now where we really could leave at any time. There are some loose ends to tie up, but nothing […]

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Maps are Beautiful

I’ve been looking at a lot of maps lately, and my favorites by far are the USGS topographic quad maps. In addition to being amazing for better understanding an area they are stunningly¬†beautiful. You can explore¬†them yourself here:¬† I was excited to see this article in the New York Times this morning gushing over the […]

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Father’s Day at Sequoia NP

It’s interesting how different Molly and my mother’s/father’s days are from each other. She has a very set routine for hers: Prasino in the morning, the Garfield Park Conservatory, and finally Margie’s Candies before relaxing at home in the afternoon. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t ever done the same thing on father’s day twice, […]

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The Route

Rather than trying to describe the route I’ll let you browse it for yourself. I’m not a huge fan of the roadtrippers site, but it’s the best I’ve found for planning this type of thing. Let me know if I’m missing something better. Road Trip 2015 | My new trip on! !function(d,l,h,w,id){var a = […]

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As we prepare for our second adventure through the national parks of the west I’ve been sprucing up this blog for us to record and share our travels. As I was cleaning up some old posts I came across a draft post that Molly started, but never published. It’s a nice by-the-numbers summary of Road […]

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The night of 100 tacos

Ever since I saw the episode of the Simpsons where Bart ponders buying 100 tacos for $100 it’s been a dream of mine to accomplish the same thing.¬† Last Friday night I finally achieved that life dream.¬† It all began a couple weeks ago when I came home to find a flyer from Taco Stop […]

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