IKEA Couch

We’ve written several times on this blog about our excursions to IKEA, but I think the experience we had putting together our new couch this past weekend is worth yet another. As I’m sure we’ve written about, we only actually shop at IKEA when they have an “eat free” weekend. I’m sure they didn’t intend the promotion as a competition, but we treat it as one. Sadly, we didn’t set a new personal best this weekend, our bill was a touch under $70. I think we were hurt by their discontinuation of alcohol, those little bottles of Swedish vodka can rack up the bill quick.

The real excitement of this trip came after we got home and began assembly on the couch Molly has been wanting for our living room. It started off pretty much how you’d expect. Man connects ubenscholong to rotodueter, then adds a globenschortz, and so on.

The first sign of the women came at step 10 where the man’s responsibility seems to be to hold onto a part of the couch that, although it may not be clear from this picture, was already firmly attached. The woman’s job is to lift into place the piece that makes the entire seating area.

Then things get weird. It’s very clear in the instructions that the man is to remain in place holding onto this particular part of the couch. Although the woman isn’t pictured it is strongly implied that she must be the one carrying out the instructions in each step.

I took that as a cue to get a beer.

Eventually the woman (and Molly) made it to step 19 where the final piece is attached. I assume the man went to get another beer at this point since he’s no longer in the picture.







Oh! There he is, step 20, now that the couch is built, man can pull it out and have a nap. He looks so proud of himself.

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