The Target Trip

The much awaited Target Trip finally happened today. We usually try to get it done at least a bit before 42 hours until departure, but our schedule has been jammed packed. After my final meetings, classroom clean up, and the Comey testimony, we headed out to Target.

Although this trip is so monumental for the journey of the summer, we have a routine (tradition??) to the trip. We work our way up and down the grocery aisles, scanning all the staples through the Cartwheel app, and then tossing them in the cart. Zak started to complain that there is no way that all the food is going to fit, then we find a few more REALLY important things (pop-tarts) and then move on to the toiletries. Again, it was pretty mundane and exactly like the trips of the last two years. While Zak and Ellie checked out, Zoe and I grabbed a few last minute wardrobe additions. That was it. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as any of us were planning on. But it somehow still took over 2 hours.

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The rest of the afternoon was filled with trip preparations as well. The girls and I packed our clothing. (Zak’s bag has been packed for over a week.) Zak worked on cleaning the house. I did a bit of yard work. And we cooked and enjoyed our last home cooked meal until the 24th of July!

We have a busy day tomorrow and I think we are all feeling a weird combination of anxious and excited. Nervous and thrilled. Ready and so not ready at all. Down to 34 hours until we hit the road!

One thought on “The Target Trip

  1. We’ll be following your travels and blogging. Heard from Aunt Midge that she had a great time with your folks’ visit. We were in California seeing A.M. in Palm Desert, Nephew Will in Santa Monica and then up to Santa Barbara, Carmel/Monterey and finally San Francisco. Fantastic scenery. If you were planning to drive Hwy 1 along Big Sur, you should know that a washed out bridge plus a recent landslide have Hwy 1 closed south of Hurricane Point (about 1 hour south of Carmel). We drove down and back (including the famous Bixby Creek Bridge) from Carmel and the scenery was stupendous with clear blue skies and amazing blue Pacific Ocean below.

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