Day 1: Brookfield to Sterling

I’m sure you have all been anxiously awaiting our travel posts to begin again, and let me tell you, this is going to be a good one. I mean if you are interested in hearing about a 12.5 hour car ride, this is the post for you! If you are reading to hear about the hikes, the scenery, the food, the people, this is not the post.

We left early. Not too early though. I was responsible for waking up when the alarm went off, but I quickly fell into old work day habits and hit the snooze button a half a dozen times. We woke a hour later than planned, but we’re still able to depart by 7. Then we drove. And drove. And drove some more.

The novelty of the World’s Largest Truck Stop wore off last year, so we didn’t even take pictures this year. Or get Caribou Coffee.

We did make the annual stop at the Herbert Hoover National Historical Site. And, unfortunately, again the novelty has worn off. We stopped by the Visitor’s Center for our first NPS stamp of the trip. We swung by the home Hoover was actually born in, but it was locked so we snapped a picture outside the house and hit the road again.

The drive then continued through the rest of Iowa, all of Nebraska, and about 60 miles of Colorado. It was a fine enough drive. The girls were incredibly awesome. There were a few moments of tension when Ellie got unreasonably irked at Zoe for listening to her audiobook rather than playing Go Fish. But other than that little snafu, we jammed out to the RTXVII playlist, listened to political podcasts, and tried to stay in the know by tuning into some news radio.

Our hotel has a lovely pool and we just ordered pizza and salads to eat poolside as the girls get out some of the energy they cooped up all day.

For your sake (and ours!) I hope tomorrow’s post will be more thrilling!

Disclaimer: I type most of the blog posts on my phone at the end of the long days, so take this as my official warning for typos, grammitical errors, and simple nonsense.


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