Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

One of my goals for the trip is to find some cool stops along the way. I can gladly say we’ve found our first one and it’s not even noon!Β 


How could we pass the Hoover National Historic Site without making a stop? I remember being incredibly impressed with the knowledge and even more so the friendliness of the park rangers on our last trip. The pair working here confirmed that memory. Within minutes of walking in we had been given many more recommendations for the trip, heard stories of their visits, heard about the Hoover site, purchased our America the Beautiful pass, and the girls had been recruited into the junior ranger program.

Ellie at the Hoover privy

Although we’d planned on this being a ten minute stop it seemed impossible to leave without completing the requirements of the program: four activities for E and six for Z. I can’t say I learned too much about Hoover, but it was cool to see his high chair. Odd that it was one of only three items the museum had that belonged to him.

The girls at the Hoover schoolhouse

After taking the grand tour and reflecting on the girls lives and future they were ready to be sworn in.


Badges and patches in hand we were ready to get back to the road.



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  1. The Knotts are the only people who can turn a visit to the Herbert Hoover Historic Site into a totally interesting adventure! Thank you for taking this road trip.

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