Hoovers school house

Today we saw the school that Herbert Hoover’s mom taught at. It was very different from my school. Inside was a stove the stove was for keeping the students and the teacher warm. In my school we just use the heating vent. Also the desks were different. They were made of wood and had a bench at each desk that would fit two people. Also there was a chalk board instead of a dry erase board. Finally it was very small and a one room school house.


2 thoughts on “Hoovers school house

  1. Hi, Zoe! It seems like your trip is off to a fun start. I cannot wait to read all about it every day. I have never been on a trip like this. I do not know much about Herbert Hoover, but I love visiting old schoolhouses. So cool that you are a Junior Ranger!
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  2. Zoe, good observations! And chalkboards! This must have been from a long time ago. People who had chalkboards in their classrooms are very, very old. Just ask your parents.

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