In some ways we’ve done this trip before (Look back to June 2010), but in many other ways this trip will be a completely new experience. For me, this picture nicely sums up a big part of the motivation behind the journey on which we’re about to embark:
[singlepic id=18488 w=408 h=308 mode=web20 ]
We had the opportunity then to enjoy the breathtaking view from the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater. Unfortunately, with a two and four year old in tow, that was the only view we had. On that day I knew that we had to return to descend among the hoodoos to explore more thoroughly. With Molly running A Playful Palate all summer long in the years since 2010 a second trip to the West hadn’t been a possibility. We came to the conclusion in August 2013 that it was time for us to wind the business down so that, among other benefits to the family, we would have summers off to travel. Nearly as soon as that decision was made the planning for this trip began. As Molly alluded to, The Spreadsheet has been a work in progress for over a year, and even It barely scratches the surface of the preparation that has gone into getting everyone ready to go. But now, 5 days out, I’m happy to say that not only will we be returning to Bryce, but we also have some epic hiking planned there. Come back after 6/13 for all the details!

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