Leaving RMNP

Our time at Rocky Mountain went by way too quickly. At least when it was time for us to leave we did it in style by travelling through the park on Trail Ridge Road. Driving Hwy 34 through the park truly feels like drive on top of the world with fabulous views  throughout the entire trip. When back in Brookfield one of my favorite things to visualize about the trip was that Hwy 34 (or as it’s better known in Chicago – Ogden Ave.), the road that is at the top of the world, is the same road that is only a block from home.  When I return I’ll be able to take myself back to the mountains by picturing the scenes I saw today and knowing that they lie just down the road.

At one of the stops we made there was a terrific view of the Twin Sister Peaks that we had scaled yesterday.  When planning that climb I really didn’t have any idea how much of a distinctive landmark that mountain was in the area. Although not the biggest mountain it stands out for miles around.

It was also a day of tedium with a long trek to Montrose after leaving RMNP.  Fortunately, we found a great stop at the Lewis Sweet Shop in Empire, CO where we got the BIGGEST malts I’ve ever seen, in addition to some pretty great carnitas tacos. We’re now all ready for a good night’s sleep at the Berrys after a great dinner of mac and cheese, green beans, and watermelon.  THANK YOU! The mac and cheese were great but the beans and watermelon really hit the spot.

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