Day 19

This is another group post. We’ve had another, phenomenal day in San Francisco. The day twisted and turned a bit more than we had planned, but before we knew it each of us had chosen an activity that was an individual high priority. It was special to know that we each chose part of the day that we wanted to explore individually.

Unlike yesterday’s round robin, we will each write about the activity we picked.


When we arrived in San Francisco I really wanted to ride in one of the cable cars and that’s what I picked. It was really, really, really fun. We had to wait an hour for one that fit us all because so many others wanted to ride too. Eventually we found one with some room. We  got to stand in the very back. It was really cool because we got to see everywhere we had been. I knew going up and down the hills wouldn’t be too scary because I had seen them go slow, but Zoe was still scared. We went from Powell Street to Fisherman’s Wharf. It was as wonderful as I expected and I’m glad my mom and dad let me.

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Finally, the cable car ride ended and we needed to walk a long way back to our car. On the way back to Golden Gate Park we drove Lombard Street, claimed to be the world’s curviest road. Ellie and I disagree because we drove down the mountain roads…even curvier. Then we went to the Japanese Tea Garden. We had a lot of trouble finding parking in Golden Gate Park. First, we climbed an arch bridge. When we got to the other side it was very pretty. We saw a bird taking a bath, it was very funny. It kept dipping it’s head in the water. We saw a lot of pretty plants, including irises. We also got to see a goldfish wedding. At least that’s what I thought it was. Happily, mom and dad didn’t let us get tea, because I don’t like tea. I picked this activity because I saw a picture of it in one of the many books dad has on the road trip.

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As lunchtime approached I knew that it was time for my pick – finding the best burrito in the world. While doing all the planning for this trip one of the areas that I completely neglected was food. So far that strategy has worked out for us, we’ve found lots of great things. I did know, though, that San Francisco was known for (among many other things) Chinese food and burritos. Having checked Chinese off the list last night there was only one thing left for us to eat here!

We did a quick bit of research on the 538 blog and settled on winner La Taquaria. The place was packed at 1:00 on a Wednesday. Nervously (we didn’t want to mess up the ordering, there was a definite system in place) we waited in line and made our way toward the front. Molly and I settled on sharing two burritos a carne asada and a carnitas both “super” minus the sour cream. E got chicken tacos, just chicken, and Z ordered the carnitas tacos. We rounded out the meal with some chips and salsa/guac, strawberry auga fresca, sprite, and Coronas.

Everything lived up to it’s best-in-country- billing. As much as it is possible to have a complex depth of flavor in a crowded taco stand, La Taquaria had it. Everything was made from scratch and excellently layered.

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It was about this point in the day, that we realized that everyone had had a turn picking an activity except for me. The eyes all pointed to me and I slightly panicked. Shopping? (not fun with kids) Ice cream? (too full) Cocktails? (not fun with kids) Cupcakes? (too full) Mid afternoon naps? (not fun with kids) So, what is left? Suddenly it dawned on me, let’s drive across the Golden Gate Bridge!! Zak drove and I navigated toward the bridge, us both doing a great job. Zak seemed to remember from all his research that there is a place to pull off for a photo op. It took us forever to find parking. (All the half-full lots are for employees except on weekends and holidays.) We finally found one and quickly realized that we can actually walk across the bridge and that would be a lot cooler than driving! We worked our way against the bikers, new hate for bikers on bridges from me today. The views were amazing. Just stunning.

To make the walk even more interesting, I was really, really scared. I was, shaking in my shoes-don’t forget to breathe-just look ahead scared. I was scared for all the typical reasons, but throw in the whippy wind, skipping Ellie, and those damn bikers going WAY too fast, I was just focusing on one foot in front of the next. We got the the first big bridge holder upper. I was still going strong enough, but Zoe had had it. She was near tears and we had done it enough to call it done.

We worked our way against the horrible bikers an our way back to the car. At that point we had no desire to drive across. It was enough. It was beautiful. It was thrilling. It was fun!

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So there we are. Our last touristy day in San Francisco, a city to which we can’t wait to return. (Live?) We are currently at yet another Kimpton, (the newest!) in Japan Town, enjoying the wine hour. We’ll go to dinner soon and then rest up for more adventures tomorrow.


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