Day 11

Las Vegas. What a town. I tried. I tried really, really hard for 20 hours to like it here.

We spent the whole day at the pool. It the lazy river opened at 10 and we were part of a small group waiting in line to get pool chairs in the shade. It is totally unlike me to want the shade at a pool, but with the temperature being 110 degrees, it was the best option. The girls did haveΒ a blast bouncing between lazy river and pool.

zak and ellie

In the late afternoon we went back to the room, got a bit fancier (aka not vintage hiker chic) and headed out on the strip to find a bite to eat and watch. Watch everything that there was to watch. Which is a lot. So much to see. We’ve seen some really beautiful parts of this country, I guess it’s only right to show the girls some of the not so good too. Maybe?

We have a great hotel room, super fancy, with every amenity imaginable, but as I have to try to block out the thumping of the club party at the pool 24 floors below me to fall asleep. I am way too old for this.

donny and marie
It’s tempting to get tickets to the Donny and Marie show, only to be able to say that I’ve seen ALL the Osmond performers this year.

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  1. I wish you would have been able to see Donny and Marie. You might have seen some of your “friends” from the cruise!

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